Friday, April 10, 2015

A to Z Challenge - I is for Imagination

Sometimes we get into a rut and the dreaded writer’s block sets in. 

Try adding some spice to your writing life by using your imagination to stimulate creativity...

Play backgammon. Go outside. Sing in the shower.

Add one ritual behavior to your writing programme. Get a glass of water exactly every 20 minutes. When you are drafting, treat yourself to a piece of chocolate after every fifth paragraph.

Mindmap. Whether you use key words, images, colors, a hierarchy system, numbers, outlines, circles or random words, mindmapping gets your creative juices flowing.

Write down a list of ideas and draw random arrows between them.

Work on a story title. Quickly make up 3 distinctly different titles. Meditate on them. What bugs you about the one you like least?

Awaken your sense of wonder. Take yourself on some small festive adventure.

Flip through a book containing thought provoking images.

Volunteer. Getting your hands dirty for a good cause can be the source of more inspiration than you’d ever imagine.

Read wildly different things. Especially stuff you disagree with.

Do you have any other imaginative points to add?


  1. All marvelous suggestions. I love seeing the world through my son's eyes, the awe and wonder of new things. People watching is fun too.

  2. I like the random arrows idea.
    I've learned to play the what if game.

  3. I like the idea of the ritual behavior, although I'm afraid I'd gain 50 lbs if I tried the chocolate one LOL. Thanks for sharing these tips, I need to file them away for when I'm stuck in a rut, which happens more than I care to admit.

  4. I especially like the dirty hands part. Means you're committed.

  5. I love the last point! Too many authors make the mistake of only paying attention to others within their own genre... :)

    @TarkabarkaHolgy from
    Multicolored Diary - Epics from A to Z
    MopDog - 26 Ways to Die in Medieval Hungary

  6. "When you are drafting, treat yourself to a piece of chocolate after every fifth paragraph."

    I do that every page (lol) and then when I realize what's happening, I deny myself chocolate for another few days or a week. I love my chocolate.

  7. Going to a bookstore always gets my imagination fired up.

  8. I love these tips! Printing a copy for myself right now. :)

  9. All great suggestions. For a while, I was rewarding myself with jigsaw puzzles. When I finished a chapter, I let myself work on one.

    ~Patricia Lynne aka Patricia Josephine~
    Member of C. Lee's Muffin Commando Squad
    Story Dam
    Patricia Lynne, Indie Author

  10. Hey Michelle,

    Nice thoughts. Although, in my case, volunteering was a disaster. Never been treated so badly. The irony was it was a supposed mental health charity.

    Let your imagination take a break and allow a dog to do your writing on your behalf. Simple! :)


  11. Found you through the A to Z Challenge list, and so glad I did. Really love the final tip, all of them in fact. Paula

  12. Love this list! I'll be trying some of these. Thanks!

  13. Hi Michelle - take a walk and let nature do its talking to you - your imagination can wander along ...

    Cheers Hilary

  14. Thank you to everybody who visited/commented!
    Much appreciated.

  15. Excellent tips for firing up the imagination! I am inspired by images (art), and also music. The best thing I can do for writer's block is get outside and as far away from the computer as I can get.

  16. That's super cool and mind blowing tips to wite. Creative people are crazy:)

  17. I enjoy mind-mapping. That gets my imagination running wild.

  18. this is something refreshing, i like it

  19. Excellent ideas, Michelle. I love the "festive adventure."