Thursday, April 23, 2015

T – Time as a Friend

With another year whooshing past, deadlines nipping at our heels, and goals calling to be achieved, it’s easy to think of time as the enemy. But I say we can think of time as a friend instead. And by doing so, it will change our approach and the way we handle pressure. It will even change how much we're able to get done.

We need time to develop our writing skills,

Time to shape our books into the best they can be,

Time to consider a critique,

Time to be inspired.

Time does us many favors. Far more than I’ve listed here. When we rush in, all in a tither, focused only on the end-goal, we can miss so much. All we really need to do is value the time we’ve been given, manage it with respect, enjoy the writing process, and perhaps step back a little so we can live in the moment.

How has time been a friend to you?


  1. Not recently! I find time rushing too speedily. I manage, with strict discipline while prioritising :)
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  2. As long as it takes me to come up with a story, I need the time to be inspired.

  3. I still consider time my enemy, and I need to get out of that mindset. There never seems to be enough time to get everything done that I want to get done. I need to learn to relax and not try to cram so much in.

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  4. Time is a friend as I know how to use it wisely

  5. I'm a little bogged down on time commitments at the moment, and I have neglected my writing terribly.

  6. Time is another pressure. I feel like timing is passing too quickly and I still haven't finished my next book. It should be done by now---Then I stop, refocus and take the time to find my balance.

  7. Time comes to me in waves. They crest and fall. Sometimes I'm scrambling to find it, other times I feel like I have too much. I try to work with what I have though and get what I want done.

    ~Patricia Lynne aka Patricia Josephine~
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  8. Days seem to get shorter and shorter. I want time to slow down but I figured out that I'm the one who is slowing down.

  9. time is always a relative concept

  10. the actual keeping track of Time was a Human creation...
    Time is a great choice for topic....
    With my health conditions... we do not have a Lot of Time anymore...

  11. Hello dear Lady Jolie...
    A pleasant day to you..
    and Time is one one my biggest "Enemies" ( Terminal illness, you know)... so we try to enjoy the time allotted to us...

  12. The more I can stay in the present moment, the more time becomes my friend...I love being with every moment. Of course, sometimes this is easier said than done!

  13. As a child time went so slow, now it speeds by. But finally it's a friend. Great post, Lynda.

  14. Hi human, Lynda,

    Being a dog, I'm not into time. My human tells me that as he gets older, time seems to go faster. Which mean, evidently, what with his age, it's New Year's Day, 2016....

    TIME to STOP this idiotic A to Z! Arf!

    Pawsitive wishes,

    Penny :)

  15. Yes time is everything, but I often feel 24 hrs in a day is not enough though. Great post :)

  16. Time is an issue I never rise above. When I have more, I use it and then some!

    Shirley Corder from
    Out of Africa - Topics from A to Z

  17. At the moment, time and I are NOT the best of friends... and that's putting it mildly.

  18. Time moves so fast and how I wish there was more time at hand, to write:)

  19. Time slips away like water through our fingers, but it does heal us when we are hit with tragedy and heartache.

    Time has been my friend as my healer.