Below is a list of resources for those considering the self-publishing route.

Self-publishing Information and Resources

Aeonix - independent publisher resource with articles and warnings.

The Alliance of Self Published Authors - professional organization for writers - blog features advice and tips.

Author U - book publishing tips and resources

Beagle Bay Inc. - consulting, book packaging, and production services company - they have a really good FAQ section covering traditional, subsidy, and self-publishing, along with publishing company set-up, formatting, etc.

Biblio Crunch - self-publishing tips and resources.

The Book Designer - self-publishing tips from formatting to marketing, plus various services.

Book Market - John Kremer is a publishing and promoting master. This site is overflowing with resources.

The Bookseller - Business magazine covering industry news, business analysis, and more

The Creative Penn - author Joanna Penn offers resources to help you write, publish and market your book.

David Gaughran - author with Amazon tips, marketing, etc.

Digital Reader - news, tips, and publishing help for indie authors.

DIY Author - resources and guide for indies.

Edition Guard - list of great indie author websites for tips and advice.

Fix My Story - marketing tips and optimizing your book’s visibility.

Go Publish Yourself - membership required for full access, but they also offer a lot of resources in areas such as printing, ebooks, and marketing.

IBPA - Independent Book Publishers Association, offering many services and opportunities for its members.

Indies Unlimited - promotion, information, advertising, and more.

JA Knorath - Self-publishing tips and more

Jane Friedman - advice from a hybrid author

Jericho Writers - publishing tips, courses, and more

Literary Marketplace - the largest book industry resource available. Lists anything and everything connected with publishing, from distributors to libraries to illustrators and more. Can access the website with a subscription, order the print form, or check out the two volume book set at the library.

Publishing... And Other Forms of Insanity - self publishing resources and more

The Publishing Game - information for all authors, including marketing, booksellers, media, and more.

Publishing Perspectives - industry news and updates.

Reedsy - helps authors collaborate with expert editors and book designers

SelfPublishedAuthor by Bowker - tips from top professionals on everything from editing to publishing to marketing.

Self Publishing - tools and resources

Self-Publishing School - programs and more

Self Publishers’ Showcase - resources for every aspect.

Smashwords Blog - marketing tips, publishing trends, and more.

Wise Ink - advice, writing tips, marketing, and more.

Writers Beware - subsidy, editor, contest, and other scams listed.

Writers Weekly - features a long list of articles about POD printing and publishing.

Subsidy/Vanity Publishing to Avoid - Lists



Publishers Weekly


Tough Nickle

The World’s Greatest Book

Finding an Editor

Author EMS - list of freelance editors and proofreaders

Book Editing Associates - directory.

Bookmarket - large list of editors.

Editcetera - freelance editor organization

Editorial Freelancers Association - full directory.

Fiverr - find editors, book designers, illustrators, and more

Kindlepreneur - list, tips, and information.

The Literary Consultancy - manuscript assessment, editorial services, and more

SFWA - editors & assessment services information, listings, and more resources

Reedsy - helps authors collaborate with expert editors

Where Writers Win - list of freelance editors

Business Resources

Book Industry Study Group - The BISG site offers a lot and they are responsible for the publishing industry genre designations. Explore their lists for your books’ primary genre designation and code.

Bowker - The only company authorized to sell ISBNs - you can purchase them in batches of 10, 100, etc. Purchasing ISBNs from Bowker lists you as the publisher. (As opposed to “renting” them from CreateSpace, Smashwords, or a POD publisher.) Bowker also sells bar codes for print books.

Bowker Link - For publishers and distributors seeking to update or add to title listings found in Books In Print, Global Books In Print, and the Publisher Authority Database. Register your publishing company and get access to the largest databases of books in the world.

CIP Block Designer - A CIP block is for librarians to help them classify and shelve a print book. While not necessary, a CIP block adds credibility and professionalism to a print book. - Once you have a finished product, you can register and copyright it.

Library of Congress - Once you have a print book formatted, you can register for a PNC/LCCN.


Book Marketing Bestsellers - John Kremer’s list of book cover designers

Children’s Illustrators - children’s book illustrators.

The Creative Penn - list of cover artists and illustrators

Directory of Illustration - list of top illustrators

Duncan Long - illustrator with a large list of other illustrators

Fiverr - book covers & packaging.

Illustration Web - children’s book illustrators.

Karen Woodward - tips and list of illustrators

The Kentucky Indie Writers - list of illustrators

Picture Book Artists - cover and interior illustrators.

Wikipedia - list of illustrators.

Book formatting

The Book Designer - book formatting, design, and more

Bookbaby - e-book formatting and distribution.

The Creative Penn - list of resources and formatters.

EBookit - conversion and distribution.

Ebook Partnership - e-book formatting and distribution.

Lightning Source - e-book formatting and distribution.

Make Tech Easier - e-book formatting tips for Kindle.

Smashwords - Largest e-book distributor, they feature a very simple, easy to understand style guide for e-book formatting.


Aeonix - large list of book printers.

Book Market - book printers.

Instant Publisher - printing and layout services

Ingram Spark part of Ingram Content, largest digital printer, and geared toward the indie publisher.

Lightning Source - also part of Ingram Content and geared toward small publishers. Owned by Ingram, so all books are automatically wholesaled by them.

Print Resources - list of printers.

Print Book Distributors

Baker and Taylor - print and distribution, part of Follette.

Bookspot - List of distributors.

IBPA - Independent Book Publishers Association’s list of distributors.

Ingram Spark - print and e-book distribution.

Lightning Source - formats and distributes to every platform.

Nonfiction Authors Association - list of wholesalers and distributors.

Reedsy - list of distributors.

Wikipedia - list of distributors.

E-book Distributors

Art Official Media - e-book distributor.

Bookbaby - formats and distributes to every platform.

BookTango - e-book distribution.

Ebook Partnership - formats and distributes to every platform.

eBookIt - e-book distributor.

eBooks2Go - e-book distributor.

Ingram Spark - e-book distribution.

Lightning Source - formats and distributes to every platform.

Overdrive - e-book distributor. Must have ten titles to be considered.

PublishDrive - e-book distributor.

Smashwords - largest e-book distributor - almost every platform except Kindle - and featuring an easy-to-follow style guide.

StreetLib - e-book distributor.

Vearsa - e-book distribution.

Library Distributors

Baker and Taylor - largest library wholesaler.

EBSCO - top library distributor.

Ingram - top library distributor.

Overdrive - top library distributor.

Audio Books

ACX - audio book creation and distribution.

Authors Republic - distributor.

Learn Out Loud - list of audio and video publishers and retailers.

Voices - list of audio book publishers and distributors.

Book Reviewers

Book Review Directory - list of reviewers

Book Sirens - large searchable database of reviewers.

The Complete Review - list of reviewers and reviewer lists

Feedspot - list of reviewers

The Indie View - list of reviewers for self-published books.

Kate Tilton - list of book bloggers

Kindlepreneur - genre specific links

Online College - list of 100+ best book reviewers

Reedsy - growing list of reviewers

Writing World - list of children’s book reviewers.

Genre Fan Sites

Cozy-Mystery - cozy mystery fan site.

Fresh Fiction - romance fan site.

Historum - historical fiction fan site.

YA Book Central - young adult fan site.

Rope and Wire - Western fan site.