Privacy Policy

Users have the opportunity to sign up for participation in the IWSG in two ways:

Signing up for our newsletter through Mail Chimp. Those who opt-in provide their name and email address, which is stored in Mail Chimp. Only the emails are accessed once a month when the newsletter is sent out. Members can opt-out at any time by unsubscribing.

Signing up for the monthly blog posting. Those who opt-in provide their name, web address and site name, and email address, which is stored in Linky Tools. The list is publically posted and other members can visit websites by clicking on the site name. No other information is made public. Members may receive an email regarding the monthly blog posting as either a reminder or if there is a violation of the monthly blog posting’s rules. Members can opt-out at any time by notifying the IWSG by email – admin AT insecurewriterssupportgroup DOT com.

The Insecure Writer’s Support Group will never share or sell any personal information or emails with any other party from either of those two lists.

IWSG merchandise goes through PayPal (please see their privacy policy) and personal information is accessed only once by Dancing Lemur Press to retrieve the shipping address. Merchandise is only shipped to U.S.A. residents. Exception: the IWSG t-shirt is sold by Neat-O-Rama and we have no access to any information – please see Neat-O-Rama’s privacy policy.

For blog comments, please see Blogger and Google's privacy policies.

Those offering to assist with co-hosting duties consent to our accessing their emails through their Blogger/Google/Wordpress/etc. profile so that we can contact them.

Entries submitted to contests held by the IWSG will be accessed only by the two senior IWSG Admins through our email address. By sending in a entry, you give us permission to share that entry with the selected judges and IWSG Admin judges. No one outside of the two senior IWSG Admins will have access to your email address or any other information you send outside of the entry. If your entry wins, you will be notified by the IWSG. If it is for publication in an anthology, you consent to letting our joint publisher, Dancing Lemur Press, have access to your original email with information and entry.

For all links leading outside of the IWSG site, please see that site's privacy policy.